Young people and prospective first home owners have consistently been told to curb their spending on $4 coffees, smashed avo on toast at hispter cafes and other "luxuries" if they want to be able to afford a house in the current market. We're bringing it on ourselves right? If we took that advice would it make any difference?

In 8 short questions, you'll understand how our "exuberant" lifestyle is a "direct correlation" to impending homelessness.
(ps Words inside quotations may also directly correlate with bullshit)

Let's find out in inner Brisbane

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How many times a week do you buy smashed avo on toast?

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Your lifestyle isn’t the real reason you can’t afford a home

Next time you read an article complaining about millennials complaining about not be able to afford a home remember that in the long run your lifestyle choices aren't the main reasons you can't afford a home. Houses and units are becoming unaffordable because of the increasing price bubble. One day it will burst and we might just get an apology. . .


Eating My House Deposit (reference to Smashed Avocado on Toast and its ludicrous price) is a data Visualisation that aims to debunk the allegations suggesting that millennials lifestyles are to blame for the inability to afford property in the Brisbane Market. The user is asked various lifestyle questions and a mortgage repayment period is calculated with and without these lifestyle expenses. The difference in time between both values is likely to be insignificant when compared against the usual term of a mortgage and therefore suggests that lifestyle, cannot be blamed for the inability to purchase property.
This piece has also formed a formal piece of assessment for the course DXB502 – Visual Information Design taught at The Queensland University of Technology.

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